Gale and Jim DuFrane
Gale and Jim DuFrane

G & J Glassworks is a working glass studio / gallery inspired by our love of glass and my passion for making beautiful objects.

My glass passion began in 1984 when I took a stained glass class offered at a local studio. I began doing glass work on my own and a year later was hired on at a professional art glass studio, where I worked and studied for over 12 years.

While employed there I was trained in the old school ways of doing beautiful stained, leaded and etched glass work.

I was encouraged in my off time to use the tools and equipment in the studio to “play”, developing different ideas and fine tuning my skills. I also began exploring torch blown glass (lampworking), fusing and kiln casting techniques.
It was a great opportunity to explore the many facets of glass working techniques.

My wife Gale has a flair for decorative style, placement, and balance and uses her skills to keep our gallery looking fresh and inviting, giving our customers a good sense of how the pieces will enhance their own living space.
She also keeps everything organized and running smoothly so I can focus on what I do best.

G&J Glassworks is the result of all our years of experience and learned skills put into practice.  From the beautiful glass pieces in our gallery to the display furniture I designed and built, you will see my commitment to quality and obvious love of working with glass.

Custom work is of course the most satisfying thing we do. We work closely with you our customers,
to create that one of a kind item that is

 “Uniquely you, made especially for you”